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I analyzed 327 booths at re:Invent - here are the DevOps trends for 2023

Updated: Jan 3

AWS re:Invent is one of the premier events for cloud technology, and this year's conference featured over 190 booths showcasing the latest and greatest in cloud innovation.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the standout technologies and trends that were on display at re:Invent, and explore how they are set to shape the future of the cloud.

With this article I hope to democratize access to the cutting edge of our industry, more specifically:

  • I hope technical folks who could not attend get to see what happens in the wider ecosystem, not just the live-streamed AWS talks

  • I hope marketing folks can learn from this year’s booths and create an even more engaging experience next year


I took photos of every booth. If it was a 3D booth, I took multiple photos to cover all sides.

I extracted the words from them, but only looked at the most prominent words, mostly measured by their size. Printed words were prioritized over digital ones as printed words have a higher commitment.

Because not every word was counted, especially at large booths that sometimes featured elaborate explanations, the average of 19.7 words per booth says almost nothing.

For a deeper understanding I suggest you better look at the images and see for yourself. I have published the images of the booths (see end of this post).


Notable things:

  • There is nothing surprising about the ‘cloud’ and ‘data’ focus, as well as the strong connection to ‘Amazon’ and ‘AWS’.

  • The prevalence of words like ‘modernize’ suggests that vendors were targeting not just the Netflixs and Stripes of this world but also legacy organizations.

  • ‘Faster’ was mentioned twice as often as ‘cost’, either pointing towards a focus on speed - or a slow adaptation to the current economic situation.

  • ‘Business’ being the #9 shows that re:Invent is not just about cool tech.

  • No mentions of ‘day’, ‘hour’, ‘minute’ or ‘second’, which was a common sight at KubeCon 2022 is surprising. Maybe the wider audience at re:Invent leads to less specific messaging (and more buzzwords).

  • ‘Kubernetes’ was only named 6 times.

  • ‘Attack’, ‘ransomware’ and similar negative security-related words suggest companies have understood to move from just pitching the solution, to also naming the problem.

Here is another way to look at the data, by # of booths mentioning the word once or more. A total of 327 booths were present.

Buzzword ratio

Booths need to convey messages fast. But there is a risk in using generic buzzwords: nobody knows what a company is actually doing. Some popular buzzwords in the industry include "innovative", "secure," and "first". So yeah, we created a buzzword ratio. Take it with a grain of salt 😉.

There are two main categories of buzzwords:

  • Useless adjectives (trusted, faster, modern, anywhere, cloud-native) which are used to describe without evidence.

  • Generic nouns (automation, community, innovation, performance) which are meant to sound cool and modern by obfuscating a more boring truth.


Buzzword ratio

Booth text


cloud data management; modernized protection; accelerated recovery; optimized costs


balance enterprise modernization with tech rationalization; optimization intelligence automation innovation;


world's first devcrm


identity-native; infrastructure acess; faster. more secure.


unified observability to transform what's next


docker business enables enterprise-scale management and security for businesses.


design, deploy, and manage your cloud solutions


ai for app modernization


accelerate business; transformation with intelligent automation from ss&c blue prism


software modernization assured; modernize the code keep the brilliance





intelligence cloud orchestration; save up to 80% on your amazon ec2 costs


real-time analytics database built for the cloud; sub-second queries at 50% less compute


evolving threats call for evolved thinking; prevent; harden security inside and out; detect; see attacks instantly; respond; disarm within seconds; heal; restore back to health


service level up; service level objectives; 50+ integrations; actionable alerts; get started in minutes


break free from hours of manual data hunting; data catalog & discovery; data governance; auto-documentation; column-level lineage


are your cloud resources properly tagged?; 86% of cloud companies have poor tag hygiene


auth. built for devs, by devs.


loki for logs; grafana for dashboards; tempo for traces; mimir for metrics


finding security bugs before your security team...done; application security training for developers


RTFM; Same $#!t requests different day; Please provision ...; I need access to ...; How much did we spent on ...; My service is not working ...; Why did my pipeline fail?; Not seeing my code ...; Where can I find my logs?; How do we do xyz?

Notes: ";" stands for new line

Take a look at the actual images, some of the texts above don't make much sense without the graphics.

There were a lot more bad and great examples of buzzword usage, I just focussed on the outstanding ones. It is interesting though, that a few booths were saved from 100% buzzword ratio by filler words ('the', 'and') and their own company names being sprinkled in-between.

What's even more interesting than buzzword usage is correlating this with funding rounds:

The Uptime buzzword ratio used above has a correlation of 0.33 with funding size. If you take out the one big exception of Grafana Labs, the correlation is 0.57. Do with this what you will.

Best booth design

Some companies just had more creative ideas than others. If you are featured, good. If you aren’t: time to learn. If I missed you, send me a pic of your booth to



1) Crowdstrike

Yes, it's like 5m / 16 feet tall

2) LaunchDarkly

The light at the end of the (very instagrammable) tunnel

3) Databricks

Well, yeah - lakehouse 😜

4) Datadog

Stonehenge-like design

5) Stripe